Implementing Employee Testing

Employers in every industry share the same challenge, finding the right employees.  Prevue’s Pre-Employment Tests are the tool that gives you a deep understanding of each candidate. Our tests are integrated seamlessly with the APS Pro, and other applicant tracking systems, allowing you to easily test selected job applicants or test every person that applies, for the most complete view of your applicants.

Each position in an organization requires unique abilities, traits, and skill sets. The Prevue Assessments identify and quantify these important traits for each candidate, revealing the learning ability, interests, and work-related personality traits that directly impact success on the job.

The Result? Job Fit. The right person is hired for the right job which means reduced turnover costs, increased productivity, and a better bottom line. The Prevue Assessments are valid and reliable pre-employment tests designed by world renowned Occupational Psychologists for the business environment. They are sophisticated in their capabilities, yet simple and straightforward in their application. Vital to all important employment decisions, Prevue Assessments provides critical job fit data about people and their jobs, effectively predicting potential productivity and performance.

We work with you to identify the characteristics and traits that are critical to the position through the development of a Prevue Benchmark. That benchmark serves as the standard against which you can measure job candidates to identify those who have the best potential to become top performers in the position.

When filling a new job opening, you can choose to have all applicants, or a selected short list of candidates take the Assessments. We also provide you with interview questions tailored for each candidate to help you determine whether the candidate will be a good fit for your company.